Student Recitals                          -scattered dates in December and January
December: Wednesday 19th, Friday 21, Saturday 22nd
January: 2nd, 4th and 5th

The recitals will take place from 7:00-8:00pm. We hope you will invite your family and friends. Recitals are a special experience for musicians to perform for their families, friends and peers. Recitals are a great way for students to grow to the next level, as they practice with a goal in mind. Recital pieces are generally pieces that take a lot of devoted practice time, so it will mean a lot to the student if their families and friends attend!

Student/Teacher Jam Session  -11/15/18

Come experience a REAL jam session while eating the best BBQ in town! The teachers and students will have the opportunity to play jazz standards together on stage for their friends and family. Jam sessions are an old tradition that can go way back to the days of our jazz idols, like Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker. “Jamming” is what inspired and pushed these musicians to become the legends they became! Whether you play jazz or just want to listen, it will be a night of fun! I will send out a meal coupon for this event as well! 

Grove at the Velour                      -10/19/18