We pay our teachers fair wages while maintaining fair tuition!

Need Based Options Available Upon Request!

*Refer to the “Meet Our Teachers” section in the menu to learn about our teachers, all who are pursuing music degrees or have already received bachelors and masters degrees on the instrument they teach!

Lessons are taken by term! Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer!

We stand out from other arts programs with *NO REGISTRATION FEES*

10% OFF THE TOTAL FOR MULTI STUDENT FAMILIES! (does not apply to Family Session or Apprentice Teacher Lessons)

4 lessons/month

-Private Lessons with Apprentice Teacher (Advanced High School Teacher) 

half hour lesson

  • $18

hour lesson

  • $36

-Private Lessons with Professional Teacher

half hour lessons

  • $30

hour lessons:

  • $50

-Semi-private lessons w/ pro teacher (offered on select instruments, 6 instruments in room):

half hour lesson

  • $18

hour lesson

  • $25

-Family Session (families learn in the same room on the same instrument)

half hour lesson

  • 2:1 =$45
  • 3:1=$65
  • 4:1=$80

hour lesson

  • 2:1=$80
  • 3:1=$113
  • 4:1=$135

-Ensembles: $18/hour session

All lessons come with a recital that occurs every semester and several other performance opportunities!

-Lessons are paid for at the beginning of the month for that month