We pay our teachers fair wages while maintaining fair tuition!

Learn with our Pro Teachers or Apprentice Teachers to fit any experience level or budget!

Lessons are taken by term: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer and taken on a weekly basis!

We stand out from other arts programs with the best pricing as well as 10% OFF THE TOTAL FOR MULTI STUDENT FAMILIES!

Pro Teachers: Our pro teachers have or are about to receive degrees on the instrument they teach and perform locally and globally as professional musicians! Our pro teachers have played in Dubai, the Philippines, China, Australia, Thailand, and all over Europe, North and South America! They have shared stages with KELLY CLARKSON, JOURNEY, LEANN RIMES, NEON TREES and countless jazz and classical legends.

Apprentice Teachers: Our apprentice teachers are non-music major teachers that have shown exceptional ability on their instrument. To learn with an apprentice teacher the student must have under 1 year of experience. Learning with an apprentice teacher is a great way to get started on lessons at a more affordable price!

Lesson Types:

-Hour Long Private Lessons: 30 minute one-on-one lessons with an extraordinary teacher!

-Half Hour Long Private Lessons: Hour long one-on-one lessons with an extraordinary teacher! Great for students that are seriously pursuing music, or feel that they need some extra time with the teacher. Our teachers love hour long lessons because they feel they can help the most in this setting.  

-Semi-Private Lessons: Group setting lessons where students can learn together on the same instrument. Several options exist within this category from two students learning with one teacher to five students learning at once.

-Music Appreciation Class: Bring your children (ages 1-3) or (ages 4-6) in to learn music fundamentals in a group setting! Children create music using Boomwhackers, bells, auxiliary percussion instruments and their own voices. We encourage the kids to learn rhythms and music through dance and actual instrumental experience. More advanced classes can learn on recorder, piano or ukulele!

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1. Flat Rate Payment Method
a. Lessons are charged at a flat rate and billed at the beginning of every month
i. Invoices will be sent electronically to the Parent’s email.
ii. All Payments are to be made online through quickbooks
iii. This charge is for the current month of lessons that are to be
iv. This is not a per-lesson payment, rather it is a flat rate that credits
the student one lesson per week each month
v. Payments are due within three days of receiving the invoice for the

b. The Student signs up for an entire semester’s worth of lessons, and the student
is responsible for paying for the duration of the semester.
c. The charged rate stays the same throughout the entire semester regardless of
number of weeks in the month.
i. i.e., the student pays same amount regardless if they come for lessons on
a 4- or 5-week month.

2. Late Payment Policy
a. As outlined above, each month’s payment is due three days after receiving the
online invoice.
b. For payments made after the three-day grace period, there will be an additional
charged late fee.
c. This late fee will be a charge of $25 to the student
d. If left unpaid for seven days after receipt of the invoice, another late fee of $5 a
day will be applied for every additional day without paying.

3. Holiday Policy
a. Miles Ahead music is closed on December 24, December 25, January 1, July 4,
and July 24
b. If a student’s regularly scheduled lesson falls on one of these holidays, it will be
rescheduled in advance for another day in that same month.
i. This could result in some students receiving two lessons in one week

c. If the student cannot attend this rescheduled lesson, they are then eligible to
attend the monthly Make-Up Seminar lesson (see section 3, Make-up Lesson

4. Make-up Lesson Policy
a. If the student misses one of their regularly scheduled lessons, there are two
options to pursue:
i. If the student gives 48-hour notice of cancellation, the student can
contact the scheduling manager to see if rescheduling the lesson is
1. Rescheduling is a very complex process, as both the business,
parents, and individual teachers have busy schedules that are
hard to move around on the fly.
ii. The Student is eligible to attend the monthly Make-Up Seminar lesson
scheduled for the last Saturday of every month
1. This monthly Make-Up Seminar is offered as an hour-long group
lesson giving in-depth instruction in music theory, music history,
and other important aspects of music education. There will be a
beginning class and an advanced class available.

5. Substitute teachers
a. Occasionally the need will arise to have a substitute teacher, due to conflicts that
come up in teacher’s schedules because of emergencies, illness, etc.
b. Every substitute teacher will be of equal ability and experience compared to the
normal teacher the student learns from. Substitutes ARE NOT providing a lower
quality learning experience to the student.
i. Substitute teachers provide a valuable opportunity for students to learn
from a new perspective and expand their own learning and growth. Every
teacher has different strengths, so occasional substitutes are very
beneficial for students.

c. Students may or may not receive advance notice that there will be a substitute
teacher in their lesson.
d. All substitute teachers pass and uphold Miles Ahead Music’s policy code of ethics
and are held to the same professional standards as our regular teachers.